Vetrina is formed out of my 25+ year record of the provision of professional services and delivery of revenue generating commercial centric solutions, and producing design lead marketing campaigns for multi-sector clients.

I am foremost a futurist with a retrograde twist, a passionate devotee of high quality graphic and industrial design and source of fresh perspective for inquisitive minds.

A purveyor of eclectic objects and an aficionado of; vintage wrist watches, 1970’s Alfa Romeo’s, the iconic Mercedes-Benz G Wagen and Land Rover Defender. Also a passionate follower of the design work of Alessi, Hermès, Moynat and Bialetti. 

I respect the skills and talent of Marc Newson, Jony Ive, Chris Bangle, and the vision and the fortitude of Elon Musk.

To discuss a prospective project, reach out to me using the details below or the form.


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David Whitton | Creative Director

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